Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here it goes . .

So here I am, officially becoming a blogger. In all honesty, I've already re-typed the first few sentences about 5 times. I may be doomed already. I'm a big fan of the blog. I read several on a daily basis and feel like I have bonded with complete strangers. Ah, the power of the blog. I feel that I can reach millions, although I accept the fact that I will probably reach only about 5 of my friends. I'm lying, probably just 4.

A bit of background, I'm 30 (yes, I can finally admit it after only 4 months) I am married to Matt (no doubt his name will come up) and I have two children Ben (age 5 - ADHD to the max) and Mikaela (age 1 diva by day and also by night). I work full-time and commute to DC everyday. I obsess about my weight and the neatness of my desk. I obsess less about neatness at home, because I would probably explode or get some sort of weird eye twitch.

So where to start . . .hmm? As I listen to office chatter, I think I'll start there. Yes, I'm at work, writing my blog. There really is NO time at home to write or even think, so I will take the small or big opportunities I get at work to tell a story, discuss my observations, or bitch about whatever. So, my office. I am in a cube. My cubemate (on the opposite side of the wall from me) *Annie has been a good friend of mine for about 9 years now. I love her, glad she's over there for the most part, but damn can she talk. Really though, I talk too and that's just the way it is. I sit by the door and the copy room and I'm in earshot of, well, just about everything. Life can suck some days. Now, I realize that probably more than half of America's office workers sit in cubes, but one thing you must understand is that my group is the only group (with the exeption a few other unfortunates) on our staff that does not have offices. This is a reasonable situation if say, there was no place else to put us, but no, there are plenty of empty offices. (Cue hard feelings) However, management doesn't understand why we could possibly be upset. In fact, according to them, we have it good. So apparently good equals hearing everyone's conversations, answering the door for all of the folks that forget their keys, listening to the copier, and being stared at from the little window next to the door , and did I mention how hard it is to conduct my job while all this is going on? Forget about calling doctor to discuss anything personal or God forbid you have personal crisis and need to cry. The minute a tear wells up in your eye, 10 people walk by asking you "what's wrong??" I'm not bitter though, not at all ;)

So now that I've bitched about my set-up, It's time to describe the folks I work with. There's *Annie, one of a kind, couldn't handle this place without her (she's talking as I type); The lucky person who takes long vacations; The backstabber; The detailee; and the boss, molehill seaker, mountain builder, spaz, shoosher, button pusher, etc. Everyday life in my office is unpredicatable and will proabably make for some good blogs. Today has been uneventful, however, Annie and I did clean the boss' desk. The desk that I describe as a black hole for important papers. Without fail, when you are called to his office, he spends 10 minutes looking for something. He's on vacation and it was the perfect opportunity for us to organize the hell out of it. There were papers from 2004 on the desk. Seriously. 5 years old. Amazingly, this process only took us just under 2 hours and 1 bottle of cleaner. My hope is that he comes back and can focus on things that are actually important and not that he's lost the 5th pen of the day or that he just had something, but can't find it. It's a lot of hand holding folks. A daily stress. I pray that our work makes it better, even if it's only for a week.


  1. welcome to the blogosphere, S!

  2. This blog needs more cowbell. And ads. Lots of ads like "Earn $10's of Dollars a Week Working from Home Writing Blogs!!!" or "Are you Having Limp Genitalia'? Try our New Viagra Herbal Alternative Soy Supplement Now for Much Happy Pleasure and Longer Time!!"

    So far I like your blog. It is the Rosetta stone that I shall use to crack your inner most thoughts and desires (so you won't have to decide where we are going to eat for dinner anymore)

    PS From this point on I shall refrain from blogging in your comment section and all future comments exeeding 3 lines shall carry over to my blogspot