Thursday, July 30, 2009

At Random

I really don’t have one large thing to write about today. So I thought I’d write down random thoughts and complaints instead.

I am tired today. Not the normal tired, because, let’s face it, I’m ALWAYS tired, but the bad tired. What’s the difference. I can tolerate “normal” tired, but with “bad” tired, it’s hard to function. I am struggling to keep my eyes open and my brain focused. I stood for a while, but only because with the “bad” tired do I get restless legs. If you have never experienced restless legs, consider yourself lucky! It is hard to describe, but basically, your legs want to move while the rest of you wants to sleep or sit still. It is almost impossible to keep them still for more than a few seconds. Let me just tell you, when this happens during a meeting, on a car ride, or at the movies it is agonizing. I have actually resorted (once during a car ride, not a meeing) to hitting my legs, because I couldn’t take it anymore. So why does this happen when I’m tired? I have no flipping clue. In an attempt to stay positive . . . maybe it’s my body’s way of keeping me awake. Nice, thanks a lot.

I got in a verbal argument with my co-worker yesterday. The backstabber. She’s back at her stabby ways. According to her, I steal documents. Yep. My boss, who’s office we cleaned last week, called me and asked if I had seen the applications for job opening we are interviewing for. He said it was a large stack. I did not see a large stack of anything when I was in there, and hell to be honest, if Annie or I saw the applications, I am sure we would have at least taken a peek to see who the contenders were. I mean, we will be training and working with this person. It’s common knowledge around here that Stabby has been tasked with reviewing the applications and setting up the interviews. So, one would assume that she had the application packets. I also spotted her walking around with a large stack of packets last week. Anywho, I suggest to my boss that I “thought” Stabby had them last week. So after he goes down to her office (did I mention that Stabby has an office, unlike the rest of us) and again accuses her of having them, he comes back and says that she said I took them. WTF? Now, I guess she is mad that I suggested that I “thought” she had them, but come on, why in the hell would I take them?? Why would you even suggest that? I know without a doubt (confirmed by Annie) that they were not in his office on Thursday. So as she was huffing by me in the hall, I confronted her. I’m fired up at this point, so why not, right? I looked right at her Stabby eyes and said

Me: “I did not take the applications.”

Her: I didn’t say that you did

Me: According to the boss, you did

Her: Well, I don’t have them

Me: I thought I saw you with them last week

Her: I don’t have them and I don’t like being accused

Me: I wasn’t accusing you, I just thought I saw you with them last week

Her: blahblahblahblah blah . . . .BLAH$%$^#& (walking away)

Me: You know, you don’t have to be so nasty (loudly)

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the cat fight you were looking for, but I put up with this BS all the time. No one is mean to her, yet she tattles on us (it’s usually inaccurate), looks right at you when you say “good morning” and just keeps on walking. Not even a smile. Is she human? She’s certainly not professional. However, I’ll admit I was not professional yesterday. Rethinking the whole situation, I could have handled it better, but at least it made for an interesting morning :) Also, my boss tends to instigate. I am sure words were twisted and he probably had his feet up and a bowl of popcorn waiting for the fight. I still have no clue if they ever found the applications.

My kids are so stinkin’ cute. I know I’m their Mom and I am bias, but I still think they are the cutest!! They are each at a different stage of cute. Mikaela is obviously still at the baby cute phase. I love watching her. It’s exciting to see all of the new things she learns. When she finally figures out how to do something, like put the mail in the toy mailbox her Aunt Angela gave her, she immediately looks at you and waits for the “yay!” and then she starts clapping and grinning from ear to ear. It always brings happy tears to my eyes. Every single time. She is so close to walking full time. By this, I mean, she does walk, but only when she’s not paying attention. As soon as you put any type of focus on it, she sits right down. For now I’m ok with this. Life goes by fast enough and I don’t want to rush things, but I know that she would be a much happier gal if she could walk around and be an even bigger diva than she already is.

Ben is at another level of cuteness. He amazes me everyday. He is very loving and sweet and so good with Mikaela (she loves him too). Ben’s wheels are constantly turning. Constantly. He asks a lot of questions, which at times is exhausting. He is getting ready to start school and it is bittersweet for me. We have come so far with him. It’s great to see him finally doing so many things by himself. I feel like I did something right! The one incredible thing I’d like to mention about Ben (because I could say so much) is his ability to build things. He loves Lego sets. However, they never stay together long. He takes them apart and builds new things. First he went through the car building phase. Then he started on transformers. It was then that I knew my kid was super smart. Every transformer he built, he would show us the robot version and then would take it apart. Using all of the pieces, he would transform it to something else like a car or a plane. Not one piece left. Each had a purpose. This left us both dumbfounded. I’m not just talking about 10-15 Legos, we’re talking 35-50+ pieces. I don’t have a clue how he figures these things out, but he does. Lately he’s moved on to Star Wars things. The ships all look realistic and are really very impressive. And of course there is ample room for the Storm/Clone Troopers. I can’t wait to see what he builds next.


  1. I yelled at a co-worker once. Not my finest moment. I outed myself to our boss, and my boss was like, "it needed to be done." pretty awesome.

  2. Can I work for your old boss? lol This place sucks most days. At least it gives me something to write about :) (Not to mention steady pay)