Friday, May 7, 2010

The Almighty Mom

It has been a while since my last post, which had been a while since the one before it. Life has a funny way of getting in the way of things. Lately, my life has been insane. It has drained my soul and only now have I had the creative energy to attempt to write. I plan on getting into the details of my downfall one of these days, but today’s post is more important. It’s about moms.

I know many moms. These moms are amazing in so many different ways. I know moms that have it all together and make the world jealous, single moms that run themselves ragged because there is no one else to help, moms that work, moms that don’t, moms that had their babies young, moms that struggled to become moms, and moms that love their kids even when it’s tough and although it would just be easier to give up, they never lose hope. I even know a mom who delivered both of her boys at home. Yes, you read it correctly. While most of us women would never even consider it, she took childbirth by the horns and made it her bitch! What an amazing woman. So the rest of us don’t feel so bad, some women need drugs (me) and not everyone is medically in the right place to give it a try. Lord knows both of my kids missed the directions on how to navigate the birth canal and had to have a search party go in and rescue them.

Let me say, being a mom is the best job in the world, but it is also the hardest. Moms are awesome and these are some of the reasons why:

Moms can somehow manage to cook dinner with one child firmly attached to their leg and not spill a drop or crumb of food.

Moms have learned to do a lot with one arm. The other one is reserved for securing the child sitting on her hip or holding a tiny hand.

Moms can carry and insane amount of stuff at once. I’ve carried a 28 pound kid, 4 folding chairs, the diaper bag, a cooler and a bag of after game snacks. Oh yeah, and “bay-bee” and her blanket. I know. I’m awesome. ;)

Moms will let a child stay asleep on their chest no matter how long it takes for them to wake up. It doesn’t matter that they had to pee about 20 minutes prior to the child falling asleep or that all of their limbs are asleep and the TV is stuck on some old Western movie because they forgot to grab the remote before they sat down. Yes, the remote is JUST out of reach . . .

Moms have the best hearing when it comes to their children. Every other sound at night, such as a truck driving through the bedroom, they'd never hear. Well, maybe. But when it comes to the kids, they hear every breath, every cough, every whimper, every movement, and every middle of the night “MOOOOMMMMYYY!!”. It starts from day one and 6 years later, I’m not sure it ever ends.

Moms feel bad when they forget something that pertains to their child. Like forgetting to send a blanket to daycare or forgetting that they promised to pack the Spiderman fruit snacks for lunch. This forgetfulness eats at a mom all day.

Moms will search and re-search closets, drawers, couches, and vehicles until the “lovey” is found. Usually, it is right near the first place they looked, but whatever, they found it.

Moms know just by looking at their child that they have a fever.

Moms would rather be the one sick, so they would never have to watch their child suffer.

Moms are also Santa and the Tooth Fairy. These are big shoes to fill.

My life changed completely when I became a mom. Becoming a mom is nothing that anyone can prepare you for. If I ever thought I was a multitasker prior to having kids, I was fooling myself! I don’t know how I ever had the nerve to complain that I didn’t have enough time to do things before I was a mom. These days I’m happy to complete anything and proud when I know that I’ve taken care of everything for the kids. My stuff can wait. I’m a mom. If you ever come over to my house unannounced (please announce – It would make me feel much better) you would probably see me wandering around a messy house that I have been cleaning non-stop all day. I mean, how is that even possible? It is literally a perpetual mess. I walk around with my arms full of things attempting to get them back to their rightful place. Meanwhile the kids are running by with something new. But hey, I always thought we should park the cozy coupe in the middle of the kitchen and the pillows, they always look better on the floor with blankets thrown over them. Mikaela should be able to pull wipes out and leave them all over the house, and Ben should be able to leave his collection of nerf swords and light sabers in the foyer. Who needs to walk through there anyway? Ha! I should just make the entire first floor a playroom. That way I won’t have to make excuses as to why I am a poor housekeeper. Though I complain, I wouldn’t change a thing. The love I have in my heart for my kids by far surpasses anything else.

To all the Moms reading this – you are awesome!!

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  1. Great post, Momma! Happy Mother's Day to you!